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Some of you may have noticed a certain vagueness to my recent posts.  A few of you have sent me private messages to ask after my health.  Weretoad thinks I’m being fairly obvious anyway and that I might as well just come out and say it: I’m pregnant!

Two Lines!

We found out a few weeks ago and we’re quite excited. To be honest, I was starting to worry I might not be able to conceive naturally, but then -poof! – surprise!  I feel very blessed by the Kindreds and thank Brighid each day.  We’ve been to the midwife, started a series of tests, picked out names…  One of the handful of reasons I haven’t said anything is because I want to make sure everything’s okay before I pour my heart out.  That said, it’s very difficult holding back when this is such a huge part of my life.  I don’t intend to gush about it in each post, and I certainly don’t intend to share any personal information about my baby on this blog, but I do want to be free to post about the impact this has on my spirituality.

A few people knew already: my immediate family and a handful of friends who I either saw in person over the Thanksgiving holiday or guessed online.  Ideally, I would have gathered all of my loved ones together and announced it in person at a party.  Alas, we all live so far apart and our schedules don’t easily align.  Thus it falls on the internet and social networking!

So there you have it.  It feels good to make it official!

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27 thoughts on “Mama to Be

  1. This is so exciting, M!!!!!! Congratulations to you both! I’m sure I’ll be showering you with questions next time I see you since Butch & I will be trying soon…. How exciting to think our kids will be close to the same age! And I think it will be quite nice for you being pregnant in the winter, all nestle and content in your den…

    1. Heehee! Thanks Corinne! I was trying to meet up with you and Reena so I could tell you in person, but it’s just such a busy time of year!

      And shower away with the questions!

      I know, I was telling hubby that you’re hoping to conceive soon. Play dates!

  2. Congratulations to both of you! My fiance and I are thinking about having a baby after the wedding eventually, but I’m not really sure about it. It will be great to read how such a momentous change affects you spiritually!


  3. congrats… im so happy for you.. youll make great parents 🙂 and any information that you find on spiritual work while being pregnant i would appreciate.. i am 7 months now. if you need anything or have any concerns please feel free to ask.. May the gods/goddesses bless you and your growing family.

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