A Local Haunt!

Today, the Watertown Daily times reported that there’s going to be a haunted walk in historic Sackets Harbor!  Based on actual ghost stories from the area, local drama students will lead guests through the streets by lantern.  It’s supposed to be a similar experience to the Haunted Walks in Ottawa and Kingston.  Considering that there is a battlefield from the War of 1812 in town, I’m sure there will be some good stories!  And here I was just telling my friends that such an event should exist in the North Country!  Ask and receive, I guess?

If you’re from the Watertown area and have an interest in the paranormal, this is an event you’ll want to make!  It will be a great way to celebrate the Samhain spirit.  Not only that, but the admission will go towards the drama students.

For more information, check out the article.

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6 thoughts on “A Local Haunt!

  1. Sounds like a great time! We have a few of those near here too- there is an old Civil War fort nearby 🙂 Plenty of ghost stories to be had!

  2. I did one of these up in Anchorage, AK last year. It was pretty awesome. I’d really love to do this one, as I really love Sackets Harbor. Depending on the weather, I may bring the kiddies to Sackets Harbor for their Trick-or-Treat night though 🙂

  3. What fun! In Colchester we have many tours during the ghoul season of a ghostly nature. Colchester has no shortage of ghosts to select from.

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