Autumn Equinox with Muin Mound Grove, 2012

Before traveling to Syracuse, we stopped at the Burrville Cider Mill for some  locally made cider and donuts.  They were our potluck contribution.  I mulled the cider and it was fantastic.  Visiting the mill was a wonderful way to ring in the new season.  Autumn pleases all of the senses!
A pouch I made to hold old match and incense nubs.  Because they were objects used in magic and ritual, throwing them into a garbage can did not feel right.  I collect them in handmade pouches and put them into the seasonal fires.
For our Autumn Equinox workshop, Willow taught us how to make corn dollies – a traditional craft  for this time of year.  I have tried before but certain aspects confounded me until this group activity.
My finished corn dolly.
Here she is posing with my hubby’s corn dolly. These were offered to the Earth Mother during ritual. 
The wheel has turned.  Contrary to the summer rituals, our Autumn Equinox rite began under the veil of night.  There was a slight chill and we joyfully circled around the sacred fire.
The main offering was a bowl with some of our personal harvest.  Everyone contributed with fruits, vegetables, grain, herbs, and flowers.  They were put into the hedge for the Earth Mother to take back into her.

I hope your celebrations were filled with joy and that you communed with the harvest spirits.  May your autumn be full of blessings and bounty!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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