My New Altar Piece


A beautiful Dagda ATC by Autumn Aelwyd


I came home to find this wonderful artisan trading card in my mailbox.  Isn’t he amazing?  It’s a tiny oil painting, on a tiny canvas, of An Dagda by Autumn Aelwyd.  There are two very satisfying things about this ATC.  First, Autumn’s portrayal is pretty much exactly how I see him.  Even the eyes!  Then, if you look in the background, you can see what looks like one of my tree spirits!  I giggled happily when I saw that.  Thank you, Autumn!  This is truly a treasure!  It is going on my altar!

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

6 thoughts on “My New Altar Piece

  1. I may need to get in on this artisan’s guild trading card action. Most of my artwork isn’t very trading card friendly (wire jewelry and cloth/embroidery), but I could probably make it work…

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