Druid on the Run: Getting Back in the Game

You may have noticed a distinct lack of this topic recently.  I will honestly admit that I stopped running for a couple weeks.  At first it was because we had family things going on.  We went away, celebrated Lughnasadh…  Not to mention, it was incredibly hot.  Staying in the shade was more desirable…  Then I didn’t feel well for a couple days.  By then, making excuses was all too easy.

Last night, Weretoad and I got back into the game.  We set a time and stuck to it.  At first I felt like I wouldn’t be able to finish.  I felt a cramp.  I felt winded.  But then I told myself I could and that I would feel amazing when I accomplished my goal.  I prayed to Lugh for strength and endurance.  Suddenly, everything felt good.  The cramp went away.  We were running faster!  Before we knew it, our run was over.  I’m so glad we finished!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

2 thoughts on “Druid on the Run: Getting Back in the Game

  1. Imagine you are a blacksmith creating a sword. Each blow of the hammer is a run. The goal is why you run. Make a beautiful sword.

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