Lughnasadh Giveaway Winner!

Autumn Oak Tree Spirit – plushie and photo by Grey Catsidhe

I nearly forgot the giveaway!  As you may remember, I decided to have a contest in celebration of my blog receiving 20,000 views.  I promised that the lucky winner would be announced on Lughnasadh.  All of the names were placed in a bread pan in honor of the occasion.  The name drawn was…

Katy Rose from Wings of Flight!

Here’s what she wrote about The Ditzy Druid:

I love that each post has something about druidry/spirituality to it but is also about your life – some blogs try to separate these things which doesn’t feel right/possible to me.

I totally agree and I’m glad you enjoy my blog.  I will be contacting you soon about mailing your new tree spirit!

A big thank you to everyone who entered and to all of my readers!  I’m so happy to inspire you and it means a lot that you keep reading.


Grey Catsidhe

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