Upcycled Lonely Sock Bag: Tutorial

Ever wonder what happens to your missing socks? Me too. Sometimes I really do suspect a sock gremlin spirits them away! Perhaps the house spirit feels jilted? Or perhaps we need to be more mindful when washing laundry…

Upcycled Lonely Sock Bag – Photo by Grey Catsidhe, 2012

Either way, the increase in unmated socks has become an issue in my home.  My inability to keep up with the laundry has only made it worse!  They seem to be multiplying…  Rather than continue to add to a pile of mismatched socks in a corner (I will get to it, I swear), I decided to make a bag to house them.

Thus I give you the upcycled lonely sock bag!  It is made with 100% upcycled materials!  You can make one too if you have a similar problem.  Reusing old clothing to make new and useful items is environmentally friendly, thus Druidic!


One old shirt

One old lonely sock

Yarn or ribbon – enough to go through your bag and allow for it to hang comfortably from a hook or doorknob.  I used some braided yarn from an old sweater.


needle and thread – I used a sewing machine but you could totally do this by hand


A fabric marker

How to:

  1. Gather your materials. I used one of my husband’s old shirts which was part of a former work uniform.  As it had the name of a popular retail chain on it, it didn’t seem like something easily donated.  Shoplifters would love such a find!  lol  The sock was also my husband’s.  One side had a hole in it so, already being unmatched, I decided to put it to good use.  If this seems disgusting to you, remember this is for your personal use.  If you want to make lonely sock bags as gifts, I suggest cutting out a sock shape using felt.
  2. Remove the sleeves and collar of your shirt.  Your sleeves can become cleaning rags so set those aside.  The rest of your shirt should be a square or rectangle.  You may have to use your scissors to adjust.
  3. On one side of your shirt, applique (by hand or machine) the old sock onto the fabric.  I didn’t bother cutting the sock in half because it would fray.  Just pin into a position you like.  I used a zigzag stitch to applique and it worked well.
  4. Using a fabric marker, I drew a sad face on the lonely sock.
  5. fold your shirt fabric so that it is inside out.  Since you’re making a simple rectangular bag, there are four sides.  The top will be opened and the other three will be stitched shut.  Stitch two out of the three (or one out of the three if you didn’t need to cut one of the sides).
  6. Create a thick seam or flap at the top.  Your ribbon or yarn will run through here to create the drawstring look.  Makes sure the opening is wide enough to get your drawstring through.  Pin the flap down and stitch.
  7. Turn the bag inside out again and stitch up the remaining unfinished side.  Take care not to close the drawstring opening.
  8. Turn your bag right-side-out and lead your ribbon or yarn through the opened ends of the seams.  You may need to use a thick tapestry needle to help you do this.  Create a loop and knot where you like.
  9. Hang your new lonely sock back in your laundry room or bedroom.  Put mismatched socks in as needed!  Just don’t forget the bag is there, and go through it every so often in an attempt to make matches.

If you’re as busy as I am, housework can crop up and you’re always looking for new ways to help you better organize your life.  I hope this helps you!  I love the sock character on front.  It really makes this item fun.  If you have a young, aspiring artisan in your home, he or she may like to take this project on!  From my hearth and home to yours – happy cleaning and crafting!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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  1. That’s so cute! I really like the idea, and it keeps all the missing socks in a neat and obscured place!

  2. RRR My last comment didn’t appear, but I love this, its so cute. Its a great idea and obscures all those lonely socks!

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