Blueberry Harvesting and Forest Romps

We joined some friends to harvest blueberries today!  We weren’t able to get too many – we ended up with about two cups worth.  They are very tiny but so full of flavor!  Quite different from most store-bought varieties.  Collectively, we probably picked enough to make a pie, but apart…  I think our two cups will go towards muffins and pancakes.  For now, they’re freezing.  We also went for a hike through my friend’s inherited land.  It’s a really lovely and wild place.  You can tell he loves it – he shared so many memories of the land, and I could feel his grandfather, who he inherited it from, smiling at us.

To me, each forest in Upstate New York has similar energy.  Forests in other places don’t feel quite the same.  It’s like there’s a different overall spirit to them.  All forests in Northern NY feel somehow related…  ecologically, they are in a similar zone with similar ecosystems so it makes sense.  There are some subtle differences, of course.  Compared to the forest near my apartment, this was wilder, perhaps even happier with a distinct lack of litter.  I could feel how vibrant it was.

Me  walking through the ferns.  Photo by Weretoad, 2012.
Baskets of blueberries.  Tiny, tiny blueberries.  Photo by Weretoad, 2012.
We saw all sorts of little critters.  Photo by Weretoad, 2012.
We also saw other lovely plants that I want to identify.  Photo by Weretoad, 2012.
Can you find the frog?  Photo by Weretoad, 2012.
A wetland full of life.  Photo by Weretoad, 2012.

After returning home, before doing anything with the blueberries, I made an offering of what I thought were the nine best, biggest, and plumpest berries to the Nature Spirits.  For such a wonderful day and the harvest, they deserve it!  Although I’m sore and have some bug bites, I’m already looking forward to next year.

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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  1. Blueberries have yet to come out in Britain, everything is late thanks to the constant rains.

    1. Oh wow, we’re experiencing a drought in the States. If you figure out how to send your rain to other places, keep Upstate NY in mind! 😉

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