July 2012 Garden Update

Despite high heat, drought, threats of blight, and pests in the North Country, my container garden is persevering!  Plants are flowering, fruiting, and looking lush!

Just bought some flowers from a greenhouse today.  Although my garden is very green and there are small flowers here and there, I wanted some more color.  The butterflies and humming birds appreciate it as much as I do!
Tumbling Tom tomatos! I can’t wait to eat some homegrown tomatoes.  One of the best tastes in the world.
Restocking my supply of cayenne peppers!
Tiger zucchini.  Look at those stripes and lovely flowers!
A celebration of green!
Despite some munchy marks from caterpillars, I’m very pleased with my woad.  This is my first year growing it and I have two very healthy plants to show for my efforts.  Both are equally large.  For those interested, I have to say it’s incredibly easy to grow – you just have to handpick some bugs off each day.  Probably going to spray with some safe soap to deter further snacking!

I’m already thinking about what to do for autumn crops. I’m thinking of trying turnips again, more radishes, replanting some greens, peas, and lettuce.  I also have some more herbs to start – cilantro and catnip.  Every season and each year I learn more.  I wish I had photos of my earliest attempts at container gardening.  It was pathetic!  Seeing my success, my father has started to try some.  The zucchini he planted in raised beds were eaten by slugs, but those in big containers have survived and look very healthy!

Happy gardening!

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