Druid on the Run: Support

Since I started a running routine with Couch to 5K, and since I started to blog about it in my new series Druid on the Run, I’ve experienced a ton of support from family, friends, and readers here!  Kévin Silverstag informed me that there’s an ADF group on Fitocracy which I have since joined. One of the more flattering examples has come from Rix Boudicca in her new blog entitled Druid on the Run!  She gives me a big shout out in her first entry which is very flattering.  So glad I inspired some people out there!

Running with my husband has been the best part.  I love that we’re approaching fitness as a team.  It’s something that can develop as a hobby, and it’s awesome doing hobbies with a loved one.  Our hope is to run 5K events together, meaning we’re creating joint goals.  We support and encourage each other when we run.  The first couple times we went out, I cheered my husband on. We high-fived and kissed when we finished.  Tonight, my husband was my cheerleader.  I definitely needed it…

I can’t imagine doing this by myself and I feel blessed to have support from family and friends – especially my partner, my husband.

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