A Little Less Jaded Today

I rent in a place that hires landscapers to maintain the property.  When the light half of the year begins again, they come on the same day each week to mow, trim hedges, and remove weeds.  I’m an incredibly protective gardener and would rather they stay away most of the time.  I’m always worried they’ll hurt one of my plants, break a pot, or something…  Each year, I always seem to have an accidental crop in the mulch.  This year I have some leeks and carrots growing there that I don’t want them to destroy.

I was home for lunch so I took the time to water my lovely garden.  One of the landscapers came by to compliment it and ask if there was anything he should know about so he doesn’t destroy a plant.  Huzzah!  We talked a bit and laughed how we’re both plant hoarders.

While at work, Weretoad sent me a text to say the landscapers accidentally broke my garden hose with the weed-whacker.  They were trimming the juniper bush (which had gotten extremely out of control) and the hose hooks up behind it.  I could totally see how it would be possible.  When I came home, I found that they fixed the hose.

Things like that restore my faith in humanity.

Now I have a bunch of little juniper fronds to dry for smudge wands.



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4 thoughts on “A Little Less Jaded Today

  1. Awww! It’s always so nice when people show their better nature. I remember in our old property we planted a tomato plant and they yelled at us for it, said it ruined the look of the property.

  2. I wish my neighbors would be that considerate of my plants. Yesterday I came home to find they had knocked part of my (small, wire) garden fence over as well as my newly planted Foxglove!!

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