North Country Druidic Study Group

Yesterday’s Druidic Coffee Hour (which was more like a Druidic Iced Beverage Two Hoursish thing) turned out to be pretty successful!  Besides my husband and I, four other people RSVPed that they would show up.  In the end, only one couldn’t come  though to no fault of her own.  There were two women with an interest in Druidism.  One actually had some positive experiences with ADF Druids in Alaska while the other was feeling pulls from her Welsh heritage.  The third was a young man with a Hellenic focus but he wants to learn more about other paths as well.

My purpose for the meetup was to have a casual, introductory conversation about Druidism.  I always feel a bit awkward doing that.  Like…  I want to be friendly and create opportunities for conversation, but I also want to convey information without lecturing.  In Utica, I once did a multi-day workshop on Druidism and I had notes, some visuals…  It was a lot more structured.  Yesterday was a different animal and I hope I didn’t seem too ditzy and that it’s the start of something good – friendships, a local group to practice with…  Even if it only ever is chatting over tea, I’ll be happy to have some Pagan friends in the North Country!

Everyone was very friendly and eager to learn and share.  My husband, who is more agnostic than spiritual, was an amazing help.  He shared some of his personal experiences with ADF and Muin Mound Grove, trying to convey that they have never pushed him to believe a certain way.  I think that was a really important concept to get across and that it’s a powerful message from someone who is more on the sidelines of Druidism than I am.  One of the women is new to Paganism and still working through what it all means.  The other is comfortable in her soft polytheistic approach.  I explained to her that there are actually members of my own grove who are the same.  ADF is largely made up of hard polytheists of some degree or another, but there are plenty of us who aren’t.  My own feelings on the matter change each day with each new experience.  Still, for the most part I’ve practiced with hard polytheists almost exclusively since leaving the Mohawk Valley.  Work with people who think and feel differently is a good thing.  It helps one grow spiritually.

In the end, we all wanted to meet again and excitedly discussed possible locations. We’ll see what happens!

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