A gardening tip I learned recently: if you accidentally break a tomato plant, you can put the broken bit in a jar of water and it will form roots. It’s magical and I now have two tomato plants instead of one!


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5 thoughts on “Rebirth

  1. This same method (trick) will work on almost every plant known to the home gardener.
    Happy summer garden

    1. Thanks! I was always under the impression that it wouldn’t work with all plants and that some sort of rooting enzyme was needed. Perhaps that’s only some varieties. I was so happy to save the tomato plant. I already felt bad about accidentally breaking it…

      1. Great grandma would dip the stem of a cutting she wanted to root in Honey, plant in a small pot, keep it damp, not wet, setting in a north window until it started putting out new growth. Honey acts as a root stimulator. (google willow water as a root stimulator as well)
        Happy summer gardening

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