Taking the Initiative

Wellspring did more than invigorate my desire and need for further study and practice – it woke up a desire to create community.

Before I moved to the North Country, a couple friends and I started to play with the idea of starting a protogrove in the Mohawk Valley.  I requested that a fellow Druid to do a reading for me, asking if this was the right time.  Normally, I’m more DIY about such things, but he is a grove leader, number one, and needed to do readings for others as part of his initiation.  The omens suggested that it was not the right time.  I knew it was correct in my heart.  I was planning my wedding, preparing to graduate and find a full-time job…  Little did I know then that I would be moving out of the area!  Shortly after the reading, my other friends moved to Albany and that was that.  I concentrated on my other obligations and strengthened my bonds with Muin Mound Grove in Syracuse.  They’ve become a family to me, which makes it hard to even consider going in this direction, but I don’t anticipate any drastic changes in the near future.  Growth will be as fast as a speeding oak!  Focusing on Muin Mound helped mature me, preparing me for this possibility.  Not only do I feel more grounded in and knowledgable about Druidism and ADF, but I feel stronger spiritually than I did then.  I’m more practiced and experienced.  There are many miles and twists on the path before me, but I’m in a better place to once more feel the waters – one toe at a time!

As I attended ADF’s national meeting at Wellspring, hearing about the newly formed groves filled me with inspiration.  Could that happen in the North Country?  So often, I hear about solo Druids who send out feelers…then suddenly there’s a grove! With grad school done, I suddenly felt in my heart that it’s the right time to explore.

I recently joined two local Pagan groups on FB – purely for networking and forming friendships in my area.  Whenever I’ve introduced myself to new people, there’s always been one or two who said, “That sounds interesting!  I’d love to learn more!”  I shared my thoughts with my husband, who is also an ADF member now, and he encouraged me to look into it.  Suddenly, I found myself taking the initiative and setting up a Druidic “coffee hour” for this weekend.  A few people have responded that they intend to be there!  I’m very excited.  Who knows if this will turn into anything bigger, but it’s a positive step in the right directions.  I have to take the initiative.  As much as I love my grove, I yearn for local community.  Seeing how tight and active other groves are made me wish I were closer to Muin Mound for weekly or bi-monthly gatherings.  Right now, it’s impossible for us!  As we grow, and possibly expand our family, I’m sure it will become harder.  Something here would be amazing!  And Muin Mound would be a day trip away for two-grove gatherings, games, rituals etc.

I’m planning to keep things very informal and basic for this first meeting.  I want to get to know the interested people and share rather than lecture.  I pray Brighid grants me grace and eloquence  and helps me, possibly, start to form a tribe in the North Country.  How awesome would that be?  I can’t really count my chickens before they hatch, but I can dream, right?

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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  1. I like what you are doing, and I look forward to reading more on your attempts to create a “community”.

  2. Awesome! i hope it works out! I have been wanting to get a grove going in my home as well, so i look forward to your progress 🙂

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