The Ditzy Druid Climbs Bald Mountain

I went to Old Forge Saturday afternoon to celebrate my sister’s birthday.  She wanted to climb Bald Mountain which is a few minutes past that lovely little hamlet.  It’s been a few years since I’ve been there.  The last time was when my husband, Weretoad, proposed to me!  We were excited to return.

Bald Mountain is small.  It’s definitely not one of the 46.  According to this website, it’s 2349 ft.  Bald Mountain only takes an hourish to climb.  There are some steep, very rocky points but you don’t need much climbing experience or gear – just a really good pair of boots or sneakers and a sense of balance.  It’s precisely why I can climb it!  Small as it is, Bald Mountain is beautiful.  When I was there last, I made an offering of gem to An Dagda.  It’s still there, hidden away.  I thanked him for his blessings and made offerings to the Nature Spirits.  My favorite part of being there is sitting on the bare rock and staring off into the distance…

Wild roots – by Grey Catsidhe
A balancing boulder – by Grey Catsidhe
View of the Fulton Chains – by Grey Catsidhe

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  1. I wouldn’t mind trying to climb a mountain someday. I’ve been working on walking regularly so I can eventually start running. 😀

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