Full Moon Workings

Flowers on the trees.    Beautiful spring!
Inspired by  inahawksi and the very deliberately placed offerings featured on that blog, I made a mandala of sorts in the forest using corn meal, corn kernals, and bird seed.  It was a very meditative experience.  Not only was I offering from my own stores, but I was giving of my creative side.  It was also a bit physically demanding in that I was stooped over for awhile to carefully place everything.  *massages back*   As I prepare for my garden and once more begin to forage on the land, it felt right to make a very special offering.
Speaking of foraging, I harvested some dandelion blossoms to finally get around to making some dandelion jam!
I only made a bit.  I hope it turned out well!  I’ll know soon.
I recently procured a lemon tree.   The blossoms smell amazing.  I decided to make an infusion using alcohol.  Time to experiment in making perfume!
Also  covered some rosemary in oil.  Gosh, it smells divine.  Both this and the lemon blossoms are sitting on a windowsill to soak up the light and energy of the full moon!
I’ve started to work on a moon garden .  It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and The Witch of Howling Creek really got me into it this year!  So far, I’ve procured a large barrel half to serve as the container.  I filled it tonight under the light of the full moon.  By the next cycle, the weather should be nice enough for the plants!
I bought a beautiful reflecting ball for the moon garden from  Beads by Mavis on Etsy.  I originally looked for something white but fell in love with the colored spots.  I can’t wait to place it in the garden and surround it with lovely white flowers and silver greens.

I was hoping to accomplish more today, but a bulk of my free time was consumed by homework and making meals.  Still, I’m proud of what I did!  May you have a blessed and magical full moon!

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10 thoughts on “Full Moon Workings

  1. I like the mandala! How you did it actually makes me think of writing the pictoglyphs for the Lwa. They often use corn starch for it…

    Okay. So what is a moon garden? And what’s a reflecting ball for?

    1. Thank you! I look forward to hearing if/when you try to make your own pictoglyph offerings with corn starch!

      A moon garden is made of night blooming plants and/or plants that reflect the moonlight well and therefore stand out in the dark – anything white, light blue, or silver toned. They often contain something to reflect the moon – a reflecting ball, mirrors, or water. I hope to implement a small birdbath into mine. In addition to all that, they can be magical places of lunar contemplation as well as a special area to grow some very magical plants!

  2. I love your idea for a moon garden! May have to snag it myself 😀

    And that mandala is divine )o(

      1. I most certainly will! I love taking photos, so there will probably be an abundance of them 😛

        Do you have any idea what kind of flowers/plants you’re going to put in yours?

      2. The only thing I’ve actually put in the garden is a lilly of the valley bulb. Soon I’ll get the other seeds ready – moonflower, woodland tobacco, and mostly white cosmos.

    1. Ugh… It didn’t. I think there weren’t enough dandelions or I cooked it too long while I properly sanitized my jars… I’ve made successful strawberry jam before. This was a huge disappointment to me. I want to try again after I practice making other kinds of jam.

      Oh gosh, I would love to make wine, but I think I’ll try making mead first. I’ve heard from others that it’s easier.

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