Attempting to be a Healer

My poor husband has come down with something. It’s unusual for him to get sick – especially this bad.  Generally he still feels up to playing video games or watching tv.  The last two days he’s opted to curl up on the couch and sleep.  As usual, we have a busy weekend coming up.  I wonder if our plans will have to change…

In the meantime, I’ve been doing my best to be a healer.  I made some herbal tea for him after work and included some white pine in the hopes that it will expedite the healing process.  Just now I made him a bowl of veggie broth.  That always makes my throat feel a bit better.  All the while, I’ve been praying to Brighid for healing and trying to send curative energy into his drinks.  


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6 thoughts on “Attempting to be a Healer

  1. I’m right there with you. My fiance had his wisdom teeth out today, and I made his favorite (vegetarian for me) potato soup. I’ve also been accused of being too solicitous. I hope it’s the thought that counts.

    And forgive the use of my other blog account. I was too lazy to sign out and re-sign in as Grey Wren. 🙂

    1. No need to apologize!

      Ouch – wisdom teeth. I had all four of mine out this past summer and it was a doozy. I lived on light soups, yogurt, and apple sauce for weeks. On the bright side, I lost some weight! 😛

  2. Something I do when my baby is feeling down. If you have an oil burner you can heat up some lotion or salve (my favorite is my lavender) and give him a warm back rub. I find it helps sooth the muscles and relax the body. I also use a peppermint tea (chilled to help their temperature and ease a queezy stomach) mixed with honey and rice noodles with a chicken or veggie broth and fresh green onions and a squeeze of orange. Not orange juice from a carton, just a spritz of fresh. IDK why it works but it does.

  3. I hope he’s feeling better! I know I’m never happy when Angelo (my sweetie) is sick–though that, too, is rare.

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