Reblogged: St. Patrick’s Day, Snakes, and Irish-American Pride

There’s been a lot of discussion on the ADF Gael list about the term “Plastic Paddy,” St. Patrick’s Day, and All Snakes Day.  I’ve posted before about how I celebrate my Irish heritage that day.  A fellow Druid shared this blog post which goes into the history of the real St. Patrick and how his involvement in Ireland has been grossly misrepresented and exaggerated.  I definitely recommend it!

Random CR and Heathen ramblings…: St. Patrick’s Day, snakes, and Irish-American pride.

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2 thoughts on “Reblogged: St. Patrick’s Day, Snakes, and Irish-American Pride

  1. I don’t celebrate it because my great grandmother was born in Northern Ireland and my mother used to send me to school in orange. I’m quite sure she’d haunt me if I did. Now I just where a shirt that says “pinch me and die’. LOL!

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