Dolls to Hang Above Your Indoor Altars

Despite how busy college has kept me, I’ve been stealing time here and there to work on art projects.  I’m working on two commissions: a large Blodeuwedd doll and a small Persephone doll.  I’ve also started to make a doll to enter into the Wellspring Artisan Competition in May.  And, of course, little things here and there like pins, earrings, tree spirits, etc.  Photographed here is a doll I’ve been slowly making over a few months and literally just completed.  She’s a hanging doll, a concept I came up with while sitting at my altar (I don’t doubt others have done this before, but I’ve never seen it).  I thought how appropriate it would be to have a deity image hanging from the wall.  This is Brighid, arms outstretched in welcome.  She wears emerald green and a tartan pattern of dark green, blue, and black.  She has braided, wool hair dyed orange, green eyes, and and”skirt” of flame made from yellow iridescent ribbon and orange crinoline.  On her chest is a metal triquetra charm I painted bronze then sanded to antique.  I really love how she turned out and plan to make Manannan Mac Lir next.

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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