A Little Me Time

I feel like I’m always starting posts with a line about being busy and stressed and blah de blah de blah.  Well, life has been really hectic this year.  I tweeted yesterday about feeling spiritually suffocated.  During these times, I feel so disconnected.  It’s so easy to become depressed in a mire of uninteresting books, reports, and obligations.  Add crushing student loans and high rent to the equation, and it makes me want to escape into Netflix or a book most nights.

Yesterday was good, though.  I got to sleep in for a little, then had a bit of me time after work.  I used it to go into the forest and make some offerings to the local spirits.  It was a gorgeous day – strikingly warm compared to the bitter chill from earlier in the week.  I made offerings to the spirits and picked up some litter.  I smiled at the green pushing up through the brown earth and the red buds on trees.  I delighted in the song of birds.  It felt wonderful. (Still no resins to collect…)

In the evening I stepped onto the patio to observe the lovely full moon.  I actually raised my hands in the air, shut my eyes, and stretched up to that silver wheel.  It felt as if a little charge ran through me and I was ready for another, stressful day.

To be true, today was stressful – but I survived and enjoyed a delicious meal at a favorite restaurant with my husband.  When life hands us lemons, we tend to treat ourselves to dinner.  It’s how we roll.  And whenever I eat, even when stressed, I pray thanks to the spirits.

Little things like that – me time, time to connect, time to slow down – they get me through the rough patches.

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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