3 thoughts on “Felted Shamrock Egg

  1. So cute! This might be a stupid question, but who will the offering be for? And how? So far I’ve only made offerings out of food and drink, stuff that will decompose or be eaten by animals if left outside… Will you burn it, in order to pass it along? I’m just curious of how people do offerings, on a practical level. =)

    1. Those are excellent questions! The offering will be for Éire. Right now, my grove is discussing whether we will burn it or hang it from our tree. We emphasize compostable, degradable offerings that will not harm nature spirits. For example, we never leave chocolate or burn plastics. My thinking on this offering is that it could be burned. We could visualize the offering turning into flame and smoke and going over to Ireland to the Goddess of that land. Or we could hang it from the tree where it will be pulled apart by birds and incorporated into their nests (From egg to egg, if you will). It’s made out of wool so it could go back into the earth.

      1. That sounds great, I think both ideas are really good. Though I suspect leaving them in a tree might look a bit messy, especially if you put up many such eggs.I mean, for months there could be white fluff littering the ground nearby and though birds most certainly will use the material for their nests, they probably wont take it all. Absolutely beautiful idea but I get the feeling it could be less successful in reality. I think the burning is more practical. =)

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