Ditzy Druid Doings: Playing with Felt!

It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any of my sewing projects.  I’ve been busily working in preparation for some upcoming craft shows, including a Renaissance faire in Northern NY.  Because I’ve been so busy with college and illness, I’ve spent a lot of time relaxing on the couch.  I’ve never been able to simply sit and watch things.  Even in movie theaters, I sometimes wish I had a little light so I could sew or crochet.  At home, I love to work on little projects when watching my favorite shows.  Although I do some hand stitching on larger projects, like the consignments I have, I usually save that time for smaller things.  Usually, those smaller things are made out of felt.

I used to hate felt.  I thought it was difficult to use, pulled and warped in annoying ways…  Then I figured out how to work with it!  Now it’s one of my favorite fabrics.  It doesn’t fray easily, comes in many fun colors, and can be made from natural materials (wool) or recycled materials.  I do worry about the plastic fibers and dying process, but that’s something I’ve been concerned about as a whole as someone who sews.

Anyway, on to my creations!

I might have shown this before…  But this is a Rowan Tree Spirit.
Purely for fun and whimsy – a Tree Spirit of Hearts
Several gnomes – including a younger one.  I rather like him.  Some were made with a felt that had silver circles.  I’m not sure how I feel about them…
Some wee Green Men.  Squee!  Could become ornaments or pins.
Green Men pins!
And of course, more baby dragon ornaments.

I’m not sure how much will end up on Etsy since I’m really trying to build up my stock.  The Renaissance show is going to be three days long…  I’ve done two day shows before but I’m just worried about not having enough.  Especially the little things.

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    1. Thanks! And that’s a really interesting idea I had never thought of before. I’ve actually been (slowly) working on an article about using dolls in magic. I might want to learn more about that!

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