Daydreaming About My Garden

It was -15 degrees F when we woke up this morning.  Snow covers the Earth which, for the first time in awhile, truly seems to be taking a winter nap.  When I look out at my patio, which was inhabited by so many plants just a few short months ago, I see a different kind of activity – a few potted trees sleeping, dunes of snow, and wee birds eating seed.  The other day I looked through some photos of the past year’s garden and my goodness, it was so green!  I found myself daydreaming about this year’s garden.  The seed catalogs bombarding me in the mail only encourage me!

Today I decided to order some seeds.  I favored vegetables that are known to do well in containers.  A few will be experiments.  So far, I’ve ordered:

  1. Igloo cauliflower
  2. Alibi cucumbers
  3. White fingers eggplants
  4. Tan-Tan lettuce (a German variety that produces wee heads)
  5. Mohawk pepper
  6. Bush delicata squash
  7. Green tigers courgette
  8. Tumbling Tom red tomatos
  9. Carouby de Maussane pea (a type of snow pea)
  10. Oakleaf lettuce (a personally favorite of mine due to the shape)
  11. Woad (something I’ve always wanted to try growing)

I also ordered a book about kitchen-related sewing projects.  It was on sale and too good to pass up.

I have some other seeds that I had leftover from last year or saved through drying – beans, radishes, and some squash.  I want to order a few other things like mugwart, wormwood, bee balm (Oneida tea), and such but will need to turn to a different supplier.  Along with an assortment of container veggies, I want to explore more herbs.  I’ve already been growing the standards – lavender, lemonbalm, chives, etc.  As my experience in the garden and in spellwork increases, maybe one day I’ll grow and work with such lovelies as foxglove, belladonna, and mandrake.  I also hope to have a house and land by then so I can better keep such dangerous plants away from inquisitive neighborhood kids.  At the moment, I can’t put up fences and gates.

Another gardening goal for the year?  Get some dwarf trees.  My father has ordered me an early “Spring Equinox gift,” as he put it – a dwarf tea bush!  I look forward to working with the tea plant and learning how to make my very own tea blends.  I also want to obtain a dwarf lemon, lime, and orange tree.  My patio and surrounding garden beds will become crowded with beautiful green again before I know it!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

4 thoughts on “Daydreaming About My Garden

  1. Sounds spectacular. I can hardly wait to hear how to wode works out. Beware though. I heard somewhere that there is a scent when you use it.

    1. Thanks for the caution. I’ve read that it can have a sulfurous quality but I guess I’ll find out! I’m mostly interested in it for dyes but it does have some herbal applications!

  2. I, too, am getting ready for spring planting! It’s the BEST time of year 🙂 You mustmustmust post pics of the dwarf tea tree.. trees are my favourite. I’m trying a dwarf pomegranate tree from seed this spring, to go along with my avocado and lemon trees I started last fall. ((avocado couldn’t work out better from pit, in case you wanted to try it!))

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