Making Candles for Imbolc


Another way I am getting ready for Imbolc is by gathering old candles. They are stubs leftover from magic and ritual.
Some say they should be buried, but I no longer do that. The last time I buried a candle, I discovered an animal had dug it up and chewed on the wax. I tend to use organic soy or beeswax now, but I still have some paraffin candles floating around that I bought in the past. Some people continue to gift them to me and I would rather use them than toss them in a landfill. Whatever the material, I came to worry about what the wax could do to Nature Spirits.

This year, my grove had decided to reuse old candle wax to create two new candles. One will be the main offering to Brighid and the other will be used to invoke her as a bardic deity in future rites. It is a lovely idea, and I’m glad to have a good use for old wax. In a way, melting and reforming the candles is the transformation we are supposed to believe in when we commit our old spell materials to the Earth Mother.

This is magical, environmental, and thus very Druidic.

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

7 thoughts on “Making Candles for Imbolc

  1. Our family would save candle scraps all year for our Imbolc candle! I even had a group project at a local Friend’s School on Imbloc, they made a class candle that was lighted on special occasions and children’s birthdays.

    In recent years we have worked in some f the local Groundhog Day traditions. I just love the returing of light!

  2. Yes, that sounds like a great idea I think! On a more practical note, do you plan on doing something extra to cleanse the energy of the old candles as you make new ones, or do you think the actual physical process will be enough? I’m curious! =)

    1. Funny you should ask that! As I was posting this entry, I started to think about cleansing them. I sent a message to my grove requesting such a rite. I am sure that we will consecrate the candles during our main worship service, but the act of reusing old wax which, let’s face it, probably *all* comes from some sort of magical working given our religion, seems to require further attention. Thanks for your question. I’m glad I had an opportunity to address it on my blog. đŸ™‚

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