Goodbye Garnet

Watertown Daily Times | Zoo’s cougar euthanized following long-term illness.

I was reading the local news and was saddened to see that my city zoo has lost it’s beautiful cougar, Garnet. Apparently he was believed to be the country’s oldest cougar – 18 years when most live to 12. He was suffering and I’m sure he is at peace now. I was interested to read at the end that Garnet was taken by the state from a Syracuse man who kept him as a pet.  As far as zoo exhibits go, his habitat, though small compared to their natural range, was very nice.  In situations like this, I am glad there are zoos as “domesticated” wild animals are hardly able to return to the wild successfully.

This is kind of a random post for my blog, but my oldest readers should recall that I originally started on Blogger as “The North Country Pagan,” aspiring to post about Pagan-related news in Northern NY.  The loss of such a beautiful nature spirit, and the tragic yet compassionate relationship he had with humans, is worthy of my blog indeed.

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Garnet

  1. This makes me sad. He was such a beautiful kitty. I’m glad he isn’t suffering anymore, at least.

    1. Right. I always try to focus on the peace after suffering. Thanks for commenting! It’s nice when readers actually are familiar with the area I’m talking about.

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