Free Download of “Santa Claus is Pagan Too!”

I recently shared my ever-evolving Winter Solstice playlist, but began by lamenting my inability to digitally download a legal copy of  Emerald Rose’s “Santa Claus is Pagan Too.”  There were a few unscrupulous seeming places online offering it.  I was really tempted to try, but my fear of viruses and my commitment to supporting artists kept me from it.  Well my integrity paid off because today I received a comment from one of the band members, Arthur Hinds, letting me know that a newer version of it is available for free download on their site as a Solstice present for fans!  Head right on over to Emerald Rose’s website and right click on the Santa link!  While you’re there, consider digitally downloading their latest album, “Verdant.”  It features some great tunes, including some classics like “She Moved Through the Fair” and original, Irish-jigged steampunk ditties!  Good stuff. 🙂


Thanks again guys!  A very happy Winter Solstice to you!

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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