Winter Solstice Tutorial- Recycled Crayons


What to do for the wee ones? I was wondering this myself while looking around the net for some inspiration. Thankfully, the queen of crafts, Martha Stewart, had some great suggestions including a tutorial on how to turn old crayons into new ones using fun shapes.

I used the broken crayons at the bottom of my crayon tub. The kids seem to ignore them in favor of the new. Follow Martha’s directions and you’ll have a great, affordable gift for a whole pack of kids! You could even do this activity with kids and teach them about the practical and magical properties of fire. The oven must be respected. It has the capacity to transform and create as the cauldron, but also the potential to destroy or cause harm when not respected.

I came up with fun, Solstice names for the color combinations I used. Green and red are holly. Blue and white are blizzard. Red and orange are Solstice sun. Blue and green are Earth Mother. Brown, yellow, and orange are Yule log. Black and yellow are Newgrange.  Come up with your own fun names and color variations based on your tradition and crayon availability!

Have fun!

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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