Solstice Shopping Gift Ideas


I wanted to give a shout-out to “Da Toy Lady” on Etsy – Cat Lamson.  Although she specializes in wooden toys for children, including some adorable medieval-themed items such as hobby stick griffins, wobble dragons, and swords, she is a lady of many talents!

I purchased a beautiful brooch from her as an anniversary gift for my husband. Unlike the brooch pictured above, my hubby’s is adorned with frogs (we are calling them toads).  She has others featuring traditional Celtic beasts such as the boars above.  This gift would be welcomed by any Druid!  So if you’re looking for something handcrafted yet affordable, do stop by her shop.  There are whimsical, quality items for every member of the household!


View Medieval Accessories by cattoy4 on Etsy.

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