Samhain Divination

Without getting too specific, my Samhain omen was quite good.  It spoke of new beginnings, which makes sense for our new year.  There were other messages, of course, and they all urged me to rekindle my practice – especially in the forest.  I’ve been feeling so “out of it” due to these classes…  I’m so often exhausted.  I turn to mindless pursuits like watching shows during my free time.  Any energy I have is often spent on homework and housework.  I try to fill my day with magic and spiritual practice, but sometimes I feel depressed.  I just want to lay in bed and hide from all my obligations.  The housework never ends and I have so many assignments to work on…  Thankfully, most of my classes will be over soon…

Tonight I take a step in the right direction!  I will go to bed earlier and make time to do my evening devotional.  Enough useless web surfing!  Now if only that laundry would fold itself…

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

2 thoughts on “Samhain Divination

  1. Doesn’t being a “grown-up” suck (and I mean that in the most un-sarcastic way)? I was just lamenting to Butch yesterday about how my days off never feel like days off b/c I’m vacuuming or working on holiday presents or even blogging! It sounds like its important to you to make time for your spiritual practices – even if they feel like another obligation, at least its one that energizes you instead of just making you feel out of it! I could use something like that in my life, I think…time to get back to the “obligation” of yoga class….

    1. Yes adulthood can really suck sometimes. Oh well… We just keep chugging along! You are so right about ” good” vs “bad” obligations. Where do you do yoga again and when?

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