Ditzy Druid Doings – In and Around Kingston, Ontario

Weretoad and I recently celebrated our two year anniversary in Kingston, Ontario.  We’d never gone there before despite it being so close so we decided to make a weekend out of it.  Here’s what we got up to!

We went to a tree garden at the Woodworkers’ Museum just outside of Kingston.  The inside was neat too.

We learned a lot about tools and enjoyed the beautiful, aerial photographs of Canadian forests.

Just before crossing into America, there’s a tower overlooking the Canadian side of the 1000 Islands.Lovely view!


The outside of my new favorite pub, Nir Nan Óg!  There were some beautiful murals on the outside andthe owner’s interpretation of The Land of Youth – the home of the Tuatha de Danann.  If the Ever Living were in

Kingston that day, you can bet they would have spent some time here!

We enjoyed the live Irish music and their wide selection of drinks. 😀
We also went on a Haunted Walk tour.  It was a blustery, rainy day but totally worth it.The weather only added to the atmosphere.  Someone took a really interesting photo that looked

like a spirit leaving a supposedly haunted mansion.

Just as in Ottawa, Kingston has a little memorial commemoratingthe Irish who died working on the Rideau Canal in Ontario.  This one

doubles as a drinking fountain.  And yes, I used it.  Gives “The Waters of

Life” a whole new meaning!


Other highlights of the trip included a fantastic view of where the St. Lawrence meets Lake Ontario outside our hotel window, a sustainable living boutique called P’Lovers, and an open-air antique market where I found a lovely, synthetic skinned bodhran!

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  1. I’m so glad you had fun! Kingston is really neat and so close that you can even just do a day trip. Glad the flea market was open for you too – I’ve always found good stuff there. Happy anniversary!

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