Summer’s Deathbed

At some point, I started to feel the decline of summer.  Perhaps it was the chill in the air at night.  Or perhaps it was the near palpable energy of change on the wind.  As soon as I notice one of the signs, more and more become apparent.  The leaves are changing.  The ash trees in back are turning a yellow orange.  Some maple along the hedges are turning orange-red.  The pumpkin in my garden is a bright orange.  Bees are building a hive in my garage to hibernate for the winter.  The corn in the fields are high.  The sky grows dark sooner and sooner.

Today I noticed the absence of fireflies in the field.  To me that is a sure sign that summer is on its deathbed.

So too is the visitor on my kitchen window.  Yesterday I noticed her – a large but beautiful black and yellow garden spider and her equally large egg sac.  Her last act will be protecting her babies until the first frost kills her.  I’m honored that she’s found comfort at my home.

A black and yellow garden spider nesting on our kitchen window.  Photo by Weretoad.  From Garden

As summer passes, autumn is born and yet autumn itself is a season of death and decay.  Thinking that, I find it interesting that I adore the season so much and look forward to it.  Perhaps it is because I take comfort in the belief that there is life after death whether it’s spring after winter or an Otherworld after this.  Even if there isn’t an Otherworld, I’ve come to take solace in the fact that we will go back into the bag of ingredients that is creation and continue the dance of life in some other way…  

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

5 thoughts on “Summer’s Deathbed

  1. Indeed. I’m rather ok with Summer passing along into Autumn as I’ve never been one for the extreme heat it brings (in the city it sucks!). Autumn is my favorite season. I remember taking in the air and then knowing that Autumn (and thus school) was that much closer. Doesn’t occur to me that much anymore though. Anyway, enjoy the changing color of the leaves and the overall atmosphere. Blessings.

  2. I love when nature moves inside with us to spend the winter. My apartment is filled with ladybugs and garden spiders, the occasional june bug and moth. It’s a lovely time, that’s for sure.

    Beautiful photograph, by the way 🙂

  3. Thanks everyone! I’m glad you enjoyed this post.

    I’m a bit sad to report that my spider guest has moved on. The egg sac remains and I keep an eye on it for her.

    May the eggs hatch and my garden have at least one of the brood to guard it!

  4. Beautiful shot of your spider. She was stunning and I think it is touching how they protect their eggs as long as they can. I hope the bees successfully make it through the winter and that the baby spiders will remain in your garden.

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