Mama Earth, Nature Spirits, and Environmentalism

Mother Gaia by *humon on deviantART.

This is an excellent comic, and definitely food for thought.  While I agree with the sentiment that we are essentially dust in the wind and the Earth Mother, though nurturing, can also be distant and capricious, I don’t think we should just shrug off our responsibilities.  Now, I’m not saying that was the artist’s intent.  Nature as a whole does not depend on humanity and it will bounce back. We are very androcentric and to think that we can rule Mama Earth is as faulty as thinking that she can’t exist without us.

That said, as an environmentalist I am more concerned for the people climate change is effecting (people who are usually in developing nations who are not as responsible) and the creatures that we are taking down with us.  It’s not fair.  Just because  Nature in general will persevere and adapt, it doesn’t mean we should just ignore the plants and animals we are needlessly destroying.  We shouldn’t give up trying to change for ourselves or our brother and sister Earthlings.

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

5 thoughts on “Mama Earth, Nature Spirits, and Environmentalism

  1. That comic was LOL! I totally agree with it.

    I’m very certain that even if we nuked the whole planet down to a molten glob, one day Nature will just pop right back up, dust its shoulders off and go “Hmm, what else should I grow now.”


  2. Have you ever seen the movie Children of Man? In short it shows humans’ inevitable (and impending) extinction and the different ways in which people react to it. This comic is so right on, and I agree, just because it’s currently true doesn’t mean we shouldn’t continue to try to stop the way things are going!

  3. This comic is so true…but as you said…just because Mother Nature will push on in one way or another is no reason to doom all the currently existing species…including ourselves!

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