30 Days of Druidry – Foundations: The Elements

I sometimes find it awkward to discuss elements in regards to Druidism.  There are Druids who use the four classical elements.  There could be different reasons for it.  It works quite nicely in OBOD, I guess, or they could be interested in Hellenic culture.  Druids influenced by CR  tend to view things differently though.  I would generally consider the elements to be the same as the realms.  They are interrelated, after all.  If the elements are what make up the world, then then it makes sense to view the realms, which make up the world, as the elements.

Sky = Fire

Sea = Water

Land = er…Land.

At this point you say, “But Grey!  What about air?!  Surely your ancestors understood the importance of air!”

To that I say – I don’t know!  I think Sky adequately covers air as well.  It is funny to think about air taking a back seat to earth, fire, and water.  Life could not exist without it, just as much as it couldn’t exist without the others.  It’s something I’ve always been a little curious about…


Any other Druids and/or Recons want to take a stab at this?

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3 thoughts on “30 Days of Druidry – Foundations: The Elements

  1. I hope it’s alright for me to add to this topic. I’m not a druid, but I’m fascinated with how people put the elements together for their own traditions/religions/etc.^^

    My own elemental list looks roughly something like this: Stellar, critters, flora, minerals, and muck. [Muck being anything mud, water, blood, oozes, puss, rot…] I’ve not seen a list like this elsewhere, but it resonates well with me so I’m fine with that.

    They all simultaneously contradict -and- complement each other; It’s difficult to find one without finding the other mixed in or nearby – either as the cause for its destruction, or the support of its existence. And of course even in the order of it all…it’s creatively, deliciously, messy.


    1. I actually love it when others (Druid or not) further explore and add to the discussion. I’m always interested to know how others see the world around them, especially when they are different than my own. I’m very interested in your conception of “muck.” It makes a lot of sense. I think many Pagans fall into the trap of thinking that everything is light, happiness, and love! It’s very easy for them to to feel let down when they encounter something terrible in their personal lives. Having grown up so close to nature all my life, I’m always growing to better understand and accept the “muck” of nature. There’s so much of it out there – the messiness of childbirth, the decomposition of a carcass, and the puddles of strange algae (or something) in the forest… Life is full of this and we have to embrace that side of creation just as much as the attractive elements. Thanks so much for sharing!

      1. Hello!

        Thank you for letting me join in on this discussion. I agree with much of what you say, so I’ll only add a little more here:

        I’ve nothing against a pagan [or other] who wants to focus mostly on Light, yet I will gladly stay away from anyone who completely ignores their own and/or Nature’s dirty side. That’s a psychotic breakdown waiting to happen. :S

        Take care!

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