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Hello everyone!  Terribly sorry for the infrequent posts this months.  As always, I’ve had a lot going on.  I’m taking one class at the moment and preparing for my sister’s bridal shower.  I’ve spent a majority of my free time cleaning my art room (it was a terrible mess, really…), crocheting, watching “Firefly” with my husband, and reading the Harry Potter series.  I’m a bit (ok, quite a bit) late to Harry Potter mania, but the important thing is that I’ve finally gotten into them!

Of course, I’m still gardening.  The patio garden looks much better this year!  My echinacea flowers are more numerous, my tomatoes more robust, and I seem to be having success with my eggplants and even a zucchini!  I harvested the first batch of bush beans the other day.  I got a good fistfull from one pot!
bush beans

I had a pair of mystery plants growing in my garden.  I didn’t have the heart to rip them out, especially when I noticed  massive buds forming.  I really wanted to identify the plant so I remained patient!  I knew they were growing where my bird feeder used to be and, sure enough, they turned out to be  beautiful sunflowers!  The bees are in heaven!  I love the spiraling pattern in the center…  Mother Nature is a spectacular artist!

Thankfully, I’ve also had time to keep up with my Druidic studies.  I completed the Full Moon portion of the 4th Moon of the 9 Moons this week.  Wow, say that five times fast!  Anyway, I felt it was very successful.  Since getting a kindle, I’ve been using Ian’s ritual scripts which is a little odd for me…  I’ve never fancied myself much of a technopagan during ritual…  I’m not sure how comfortable I feel using it.  It certainly saves me some time, though…  That said, I don’t think it’s detracted from my rituals anymore than reading a printed page.  Do I always intend to use a kindle?  No.  In fact, most times I prefer to speak from the heart – it feels stronger that way.  But, as I’m one of Ian’s guinea pigs, I wanted to keep the ancestral ritual focused and I really liked the language he chose.  It involved obtaining a skull fetish, making offerings to various ancestors, and inviting them to use the skull as their eyes and ears during any workings we do together.  Crafty Pagan that I am, I decided to make a skull with clay.  I didn’t think it right to use an animal skull to represent my human ancestors.  It seemed disrespectful to the skull’s original inhabitant.  I don’t fancy myself as much of a sculpture, but I think it turned out pretty well.  I decided to paint the features red to reflect blood ties.  The stains on it are from offerings during the previous night’s rituals.  It’s currently sitting on my ancestor shelf.
Otherwise?  It’s been very hot.  The whole lot of us have been lazing around trying to beat the heat.  If I weren’t so darned busy with classes, homework, and other obligations, I would have gone to the beach this morning.  I hope everyone reading this is staying cool!

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  1. I have a few mystery plans as well that I think will turn out to be sunflowers. The wrens DESTROYED the birdfeeder and threw bits of this and that all through my planters. I’m waiting and seeing as well.

    Oh, you’re cat totally has the right idea. Kitty bellies are the best.

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