The Wild Hunt » British Pagans on ABC’s Nightline

Most of you have probably seen this already, but I wanted to share it anyway.  When I was living with my parents, I used to watch Nightline with my mum before bed.  I remember their “Faith Matters” segments and always bemoaned that they were only devoted to the  big monotheistic religions.  I just wanted one segment…  Just one?

Well here it is!  Finally!  Only, it focuses on British Paganism.  Not a terrible thing, of course!  I wish they would look at what’s going on in America.  Maybe they felt it would be easier for Americans to digest if it were about those eccentric Brits.  I don’t know…

The video is dramatized, but it could be much worse.  I’m impressed that they interviewed a rather level-headed policeman rather than the strangest person they could find (which usually happens).  The newscasters seem more amused…  so much for an unbiased tone.  I guess that’s rare in any news media these days…

The Wild Hunt » Pagans on ABC’s Nightline.



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