Busy Busy Bee

Sorry for the lack of posts.  As you know, I’m preparing for a craft show this weekend at the Stone Soup Storytelling Festival in Clinton, NY.    Feels very bardic to me.  A friend involved with the group thought they needed fairy dolls on site, so, honored, I agreed to vend.  It’s been a bit stressful getting ready in the midst of summer classes, but those of you who know me well understand that I tend to thrive under stressful circumstances.  If I don’t have anything going on, my creativity tends to vegetate.

That said, I look forward to more free time for meditation, trance, and other Druidic practices.  They’ve been a bit weak in my life as of late.  I hope to do my Nine Moons work on Sunday upon returning.  Otherwise…  I kept the flame last night and have been gardening.  Gardening, especially, helps me feel close to the spirits when I’m otherwise inundated with obligations.

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