Bridal Showers, Sewing, and Homework – Oh My!

My three day retreat turned into a twoish day retreat thanks to the stresses in the subject line.  Not that sewing is a stress per se, I just have this weekend’s craft show looming over my head…  I always worry about having a blank looking table…  I’ve been spending my free time stitching mushroom spirits, dragons, tree spirits, and simple Goddess dolls.

I started on Thursday with my morning charm, and carried it through the day with an offering to the nature spirits, ancestors, and Gods.  I did a shrine devotional and some trance work including the three cauldrons.  I was feeling pretty good about myself and my discipline!  Friday was more “hardcore” – I did all of the above as well as a formal rite.  My trance work included a stepping through the mist into my inner grove.  I remember it very clearly.  Visual exercises have always come somewhat easily to me.  Sustaining them is the hardest part but practice is strengthening that skill.  I wandered out of my mental grove for a bit and saw a figure zipping through the trees, watching me with one eye but also hurrying away.  My instincts tell me that was Odin – which is very strange for me.  I don’t know if it means anything, though.  He could just be passing through…

Saturday is when things started to fall apart.  I woke up and did the morning charm but, because we had to hurry and head to my parents’ for the weekend, everything kind of went kerplooie.  The whole reason for going down was to attend an old, dear friend’s bridal shower.  I’m really glad I went because, as it turns out, I’m the only friend – from high school or college – invited to the wedding.  I feel very honored.  We go way back but hardly get to see each other now due to proximity and time restraints.  We mostly communicate via email as she chooses to avoid Facebook entirely.  Being in her home brought a wave of nostalgia back.  We were quickly laughing at old inside jokes, as if hardly any time had passed.  I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.  I’m so thankful for her in my life. After that was dinner and a movie with my family followed by camping outdoors and feeling close to Mama Earth.

Today, Sunday, was just as hectic.  We met with other friends to see the new X-Men movie (very entertaining, might I add) and have lunch.  Then, of course, came the long drive home followed by a ton of homework.  Before all that began, I’m proud to say, I made sure that my husband and I went into the forest to give an offering of thanks to the Nature Spirits for allowing us to sleep peacefully in their company and an offering of thanks to Thor for protecting us during the storm at Wellspring.  My husband poured the offering while I spoke the words.  His willing involvement always makes me happy.

Perhaps Odin was watching me in trance to remind me that I made a promise to one of his own?  Hmmm…

I hope to catch up (gosh that sounds horrible) on some of my offerings and trance work tomorrow.  I’m supposed to practice trance every day now and I really need to stick with that!  Having all these social obligations mixed in with grad school makes the Nine Moons difficult.  I’m still trying, though!

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