Getting Ready for Wellspring

Weretoad and I will be making the long drive to The Brushwood Folklore Center this weekend for ADF’s Wellspring festival!  We’re both really excited to go.  I love seeing fellow Druids from around the world, learning from the elders, and dancing in the drum circle.  Hubby just wants a relaxing weekend away from the rest of the world.  I’m really glad he likes Wellspring.  We still have a ton of packing to do, but this is what my list looks like for now:

  1. Snacks
  2. Drinks – alcoholic and non
  3. Sleeping bags
  4. Comforters
  5. pillows
  6. four tarps
  7. a tent
  8. a canopy to put over the tent
  9. my traveling altar
  10. a book to read (or two)
  11. belly dancing accessories
  12. lantern
  13. plastic bags for clothing
  14. towels
  15. sarongs (yay!)
  16. street clothes for our drive home
  17. warm clothes for the chilly nights
  18. rain shoes
  19. flip flops
  20. ritual garb
  21. camping cutlery and dishes
  22. sun screen
  23. new dolls and plushies for vending at the ADF store
Am I forgetting anything!?

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3 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Wellspring

  1. Generally, when I go to festivals/camping/etc., I also bring:

    – any prescription meds family members need
    – standard first aid stuff (neosporin, band-aids, aspirin or ibuprofin)
    – flashlight and extra batteries (lanterns are good for reading, but not all project enough light to, say, find the way to the outhouse without tripping over a mole burrow or gopher hole at night)
    – camera to take pictures of all the awesomeness!
    – iPod or equivalent for those miserable times when you can’t focus on anything – I know some folks use it for white noise to tune out party-type external sounds at night if trying to get to sleep
    – and on that note, earplugs


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