Why Secrets Matter

Secrets are told in hushed voices.  They are words we want kept hidden to ourselves or only a select few.  Secrets have power – an energy built up in their very concept.  Secrets are an essential part of magic.  There are some things that, when kept, are just more forceful on our own psyches and, perhaps, in the Otherworld.  Often, when I perform a spell, I generally keep it inside as if, somehow, that inside is the Otherworld.  By keeping it in, the Otherworldly influences may be stronger – like a stone gathering warmth in a fire.  As soon as the stone comes out, the heat escapes.

A good spell, it is said, should work no matter what.

There are also large scale spells for healing or peace.  Those sort are for everyone, though.

To me, when I do something to make a change, it is personal – intimate.  If not to myself, then to someone else.  Magic like that benefits from secrets.

I like to keep my changes hidden until they are more concrete.

Published by M. A. Phillips

An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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