I got an award!

I_love_blog_awardA big thank you to Caroline for the award she sent me this morning.  She says my blog is full of “artistic and environmental awesomeness.”  Knowing that other people enjoy my crazy ramblings means a lot to me.  Caroline, over at Wandering the Numinous Wilds, is also a very talented artist within ADF.  In addition to her blog, you can see and purchase some of her work at her Etsy shop Land Under Wave.  I actually turned to her when I wanted gifts for my bridesmaids a couple years ago.

Now, on to the requirements for accepting such a lovely accolade:

The Rules:
If you are tagged…Thank the person who gave you the award
Share 7 random bits about yourself
Pass the award on to a few of your favorite blogs
(And don’t forget to let them know!)

These are the blogs and bloggers I choose:

Melissa’s Meanderings – Her blog cheers me up.  She reminds me to be thankful, shares recipes, and posts great photos – especially of cats!  What’s not to love about that?
F that S – I’ve just got to send an award to my friend C!  Her blog is full of art, environmentalism, and interior decorating ideas.  She also keeps me in touch with the local art and environmentalist scene!  I got to know C through her blog before I ever met her in person and I just knew we could be friends!
The Witch of Forest Grove – Sarah Lawless is kind of a big deal when it comes to witchcraft and hedgecrossing.  She is a breathtaking artist, a talented writer, and a great teacher – even if I only ever learn from her blog posts.  She continues to be a huge inspiration in my spiritual path.
Walking the Hedge – Is another great blog on witchcraft.  I’ve learned a lot from her and her website too.  Her articles have been really helpful to me and I love the photos she shares.
Into the Mound – I also want to throw some love to Ian Corrigan.  This prominent ADF Druid shares a lot of his thoughts and experiences with the Kindreds on this blog.  He sometimes shares some great chants or poems, especially around the high days.

And my 7 bits of randomness:

    1. If I’m not outside, at work, keeping house, blogging, or reading, I’m almost always creating something.  I experience near-extreme guilt and self-loathing when I’m not keeping my hands busy in some way.
    2. I’m addicted to the Dragon Age franchise.
    3. I’m a very strict vegetarian – so much so that I probably annoy people.  I always know I’ve found a true friend when they accept this about me without giving me any trouble.
    4. Although I try really hard to be an environmentalist, I fail in two ways – I tend to take long showers and I consistently fail to wake up early enough to walk to work.  I need to try harder…  See?  I’m full of self-loathing.
    5. I have two ferrets – Potion and Puck (both girls).  Collectively, I refer to them as Stinky Babies.
    6. I have a growing collection of baskets.  I keep/display them on top of my cupboards.  You never know when you’ll need a basket…
    7. I have a box of bottle caps in a cabinet.
EDIT : I want to add, to the blogs I sent the award to, don’t feel compelled to do the meme.  I just wanted you to know I appreciate you!

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  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me:) So nice to know that someone enjoys my random meanderings as well! I always enjoy your “crazy ramblings” –your award is well earned!

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