My Beltaine

Yesterday, Weretoad and I went to Syracuse to celebrate Beltaine with the folks at Muin Mound Grove.  We had a wonderful time.   I feel a greater familial bond with everyone. I celebrate everyone’s victories, lament their tragedies, cry when they cry, and laugh at inside jokes.  This Beltaine marked my fourth anniversary with them.  I think back to how awkward I was then as a curious would-be Druid.  I was already very familiar with Paganism in general but this was a new path I was headed down.  All the same, I felt welcomed among this group of friendly people.  Now I am honored to consider them a part of my tribe.

After the business meeting, I put together a kick-ass salad while the men folk (including my hubby) went to find a Maypole.  Weretoad loves Beltaine.  He loves the overt celebration of sexuality.  He loves the chaotic fun of the Maypole.  He loves the coming of summer.  It makes me so happy that he gets into it.  I think he likes being part of something physical.  He is good with his hands and his strength.  Sawing, lifting, hammering…  He enjoys these things more than meditating.  Beltaine, I think, is when he truly feels part of the grove.  The fact that he joins in the dance means so much to me.  Every year, we make sure to kiss at least once as we pass in the dance…

Once more, I called down the powers of the Sky and the Gods in ritual.  I feel more confident in my words in public ritual.  I speak loudly and with strength. The others in the grove are so talented.  Our bards have a poetic way with words that continually awes me.  Jen E was particularly eloquent last night.  I listened to her poem with amazement.  The children also amaze me.  They are growing up before my eyes and are showing great talent in singing, poetry, and public speaking.  I wonder if I’ll ever contribute to the growing herd of little ones at Muin Mound… ?

Our first book club meeting went well.  Everyone seems excited about continuing.  I loved that we were connecting intellectually over literature and history.  It seemed very Druidic and I’m delighted!

Today Weretoad and I had some errands to do.  Otherwise I let hubby decide what adventures we’d get up to.  We randomly decided to go to Clayton to check out the Psychic Faire.  I feel a bit bad writing about that because my friend C invited me to attend a community garden meeting in Clayton this afternoon.  I told her, truthfully, that I wanted to spend the day with Weretoad and let him choose our destinations since Friday evening was spent at a film festival with C and Saturday was all my decision.  I hope she understands when she reads this! 😀

The Psychic Faire was kind of a let down.  I thought there would be more vendors.  I did get some lovely incense and herbs from Hill Woman.  Otherwise…  I don’t know.  I guess I feel that I am learning to read tarot and ogham myself, so why would I pay exorbitant amounts of money to have a stranger talk to the Gods for me?  And I don’t even know who they’re talking to anyway…  I suppose one could say a stranger could do an unbiased reading, but even then I’d probably rather pay an elder in my own tradition.  Some of the people at the faire seemed like they were appropriating Native American cultures or were just very commercial seeming.  For example, I’ve always been curious about aura photography, but I didn’t like the energy coming from that table…  You had to pay more for an in-depth interpretation.  And I just think, “Really?  Why is it so much money?”  I have mixed feelings about paying for such services.  On the one hand, I think it’s appropriate – after all, they are doing something for you.  On the other hand, I think some services deserve more money than others.  Anything involving physical contact and movement, like massage or reiki, deserves more money because of physical exertion and sanitation.  Otherwise?  I just don’t know…  Had I known there were workshops/lectures, and had we not had errands to run, I probably would have got more out of it.

After that, we walked along the St. Lawrence River.  Oh what a lovely Beltaine day it was!  It felt wonderful to be by the river again…  We talked about how fun it would be to have a boat someday.  We had lunch at a lovely cafe called Bella’s.  Service was excellent.  They were willing and capable to alter menu choices for strict vegetarians.  They serve an amazing iced chai latte!

Following our adventures in Clayton, we shot down to Watertown to take care of some errands.  While there, inspired by the warming weather and sexual energy of Beltaine, I looked at bathing suits.  Hubby was very interested in this and somehow convinced me to try on and buy a bikini.  Oh boy…  I guess it’s time to take advantage of the weather and do some running and biking outside?

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5 thoughts on “My Beltaine

  1. Haha – no problem! I was pretty beat, but dragged myself to the garden meeting (I’ll send you an email with more details) – so I wouldn’t have been great social company anyway. I checked out the psychic fair last year. I agree, the vibe is kind of commercial at a lot of the booths. Glad you got to see Sue Ryn tho!

    It’s definitely biking time. I managed to score practically new mountain bikes for both me and Butch the last couple days, so I will be getting back on the bike as soon as this week of hellish work is over with. 😉

    1. Yay! We need to get a bike rack for our new car… Although if you and Butch have a rack, you could join us some afternoon for biking around our place and lunch or dinner with us! Would be fun!

  2. I’m glad the cafe was accomodating! It always makes me happy to hear about places like that~ And what a lovely tradition of kissing when you pass in the dance! You 2 sound like you’re very much in love! My sweetie is the opposite of yours–he likes the meditation stuff and isn’t so much into dancing 😛 I dream of attending a public ritual someday (or of finding a grove around me that I might be able to join) but it just hasn’t been in the cards yet. And I understand perfectly what you mean about paying for services! I can read tarot myself but, I still think I might pay to have someone else do it for me, just once–because I never have!

    1. I could see myself paying once as well – but I would have to really feel a good vibe from the person. I’ve felt that a few times before but didn’t have the money or a really good reason. I suppose a general reading wouldn’t be bad…

      It’s cool that your s.o. is interested in meditation. My husband will do it sometimes but he’s more into relaxing rather than guided visuals.

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful Beltaine! Glad it was such a wonderful one for you. 🙂

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