Second Moon – Full Moon (For Real)

Monday was not a fun day.  Well, there were moments of fun, particularly at the end when Weretoad and I started to watch an adorable anime series about a cat named Chi.  Otherwise, it was not a good day.  I don’t feel like going into it – at least right now – but I was definitely not in the right mindset for anything meditative.  I just wanted to sleep.  I did manage to do some divination and my nightly devotional.  Someone I respect once told me that, during the moments when one least wants to pray – those are the moments when one must.  Indeed, the Kindreds bring me strength.

Today I caught up and did my retreat.  Better late than never, right?  I had a much better day.  I feel that my relationship with the Kindreds is growing.  The Ancestors are very interactive when you start giving them more attention.  Actually, a new ancestor greeted me in trance – which was strange because she often had trouble remembering who I was in life.  She thanked me for my hospitality and told me to say hello to my husband on her behalf.  It was very unexpected.  I asked her if she minded that I placed a memento of hers on a Pagan altar (since she was Christian).  She just grinned at me as if that were a stupid thing to ask.

I feel that my eyes and ears have been more opened to the Nature Spirits.  I learn a lot from them about magic and life in general.  After such a stressful Monday, my nature walk was incredibly healing today.  I stayed longer than I thought I would.  Time loses its meaning in the forest.  Pain is less noticeable.  I lose myself in the pine needles, bird song, trout lilies, and mud. I would have stayed longer had I not been spooked by two men running around the forest.  I’m not sure if they saw or heard me, but I did not want to be out with them.  It was a sour reminder of how I must share this forest with others – many complete strangers.  I wonder if they saw/heard me talking to trees?

I felt the Gods strongly during my ritual tonight.  I called to them and felt my blood tingle.  In trance, Brighid and An Dagda came to comfort me about the previous day’s annoyances and uncertainties.  My patrons are sources of strength and encouragement.  They spoke to me of other things – art and trees, mostly.

DSC_0260 I also did some sewing.  I’ve been wanting to make a pouch for my ogham.  Brighid finally put the fire in my head and I got to work!  It’s decorated with felt oak leaves, gold and silver bells (the spirits so love bells), a silver knotwork button, and gold ribbons.  It can be tied over a shoulder or around the hips.

I also started a new tree spirit plush!  I know… it’s been awhile.  They are so much fun to make and I need a new supply for Wellspring and the Etsy shop I keep saying I will open.

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9 thoughts on “Second Moon – Full Moon (For Real)

  1. I love that saying about prayer–it is so true! I’m glad that you had a better day, and that your Gods were there to help you through it. It’s so nice know there is cosmic comfort out there~ 🙂

  2. Sorry you had a bad Monday…the pouch you made is so lovely though!! I know what you mean about sharing the forest…it is disconcerting sometimes…but at least you had your special moments before the interruption. Still lovely work and can’t wait to see the tree spirit plush!! 🙂

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