Nine Moons – 6th Night Retreat

Tonight I did an uncrossing ritual as part of my retreat.  It was great to bring together so many materials I’ve been creating over the past month into one ritual.  I used some of my homemade incense with charcoal.  Am I the only one who has trouble using charcoal discs?  They are a pain in the tail!  When I finally got it going, I loved the smell.  It was very “woodsy” and reminded me of my time in the forest.  The purpose of the ritual was to remove energy and spirits impeding my spiritual growth.  In some ways, it also felt like a way to remove baptisms and confirmations in other spiritual paths.  I really felt like I was washing away some of my old spiritual baggage.

The omen was very good.  I definitely feel that I’ve caught the attention of the Nature Spirits and Ancestors.  I get the impression that the Nature Spirits are simultaneously welcoming me further into their world while testing me.  The omens backed this up.  The natural world is full of sweetness to find, but there will always be thorns in the way of those rewards.  The Nature Spirits will not allow us into their purest vistas so easily.  They are tired of people who say one thing but do another.  They require real sacrifice of blood, sweat, and tears for a deeper bond – not just extras from our cupboards.  They want things that we really made, really worked hard on, really produced with our own being or life source.  They want actions – not just talk!

The Ancestors are also giving me some attention.  It started with the information randomly mailed to me by my grandfather.  Then last night, after making an offering of supper to the Ancestors, I decided to look through some of my jewelry for a suitable offering to the Gods in an upcoming ritual.  As I searched, I came across a handmade, felt pin – a bear.  It was made by the Cree on their reservation.  I have ties to that tribe through my mother’s side.  Their blood is so thin in my veins, but I must acknowledge it all the same.  I felt compelled to add it to my Ancestral shrine.  Though they are of a different culture and I’ve never felt terribly pulled to their spiritual path, I honor and acknowledge them in my proud lineage.

Rituals and such aside, I have been enjoying the sights and sounds of spring.  The trout lilies, one of the first plants to sprout in the North Eastern forests of NY, are all over the place!  Seeing them in the North Country reminds me of my home in the Mohawk Valley and strengthens my belief that the Goddess of this land and that are actually one and the same.  In addition, the ferns and moss are spreading out.  The buds on the trees are growing and the nearby marsh is alive with the sound of frogs!  This morning we had a grand thunderstorm!  Oh it was magnificent!  I love the spring.

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An author and Druid living in Northern NY.

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  1. Spring has sprung! Those trout lilies are interesting – don’t think I’ve ever seen them before (altho they are probably right under my feet now that I’m by a lake). I need to get out on another nature walk…just talked to my neighbor about which property is hers and where she wouldn’t mind me walking…

    Spring is definitely time for action!

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