Druid Fortress, Traveling Altars, and Nine Moons

I had a stressful and somewhat scary experience last night.  I decided to do the Druid Fortress exercise as a way to shield myself.  It worked very well and is calming and strengthening at the same time.  Feeling the energy is very assuring.

I’m realizing that my traveling altar needs some work.  Doing rituals in another person’s house is always  a little disconcerting.  Will they notice that I lit a candle?  Will it bother them?  How much do I have to explain before I can just do my workings?  Will everyone ever go to bed so I can do my ritual while I still have energy?  Biggest problem is what to do with offerings.  I won’t use incense in another person’s house at night.  That’s just rude.  I bring some herbs with me to offer, but I don’t want their cats to get them.  I suppose I should find an offering bowl with a lid so I can keep it together until I can get outside to pour the offerings somewhere suitable.  That is probably the best way to handle it.

Another Nine Moons retreat is upon me.  Visiting family complicates things, as does work on the actual day of the retreat.  I’ve decided to split it up between this evening and tomorrow after work.  By the time we get home today, it will be time for me to keep Brighid’s flame.  I think it will be a nice way to begin my retreat, actually.  I will probably do some meditation, journaling, and make some offerings this evening.  Tomorrow I will do more of that and my weekly ritual.

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  1. I have a travelling altar as well, but mostly for setting up small altars at the local park–not someone’s house. Perhaps, until you can find a closed up dish, you could just set up your altar somewhere higher where a kitty can’t or won’t get? I have 3 cats of my own and when I offer herbs and such (rare) that’s what I have to do~ Also, I love tending Her flame! I’m always so refreshed afterwards 😀

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