Things I’ve been Up To

Crafty Things

"Rooted Deep, Crowned High 1." Not one of my greatest creations, but I was experimenting with fabric paint. I plan to revisit this concept in larger doll form soon.
I've been commissioned to make two dolls for a grovie. I'm very flattered by this and am working hard on them! She wants them to be smaller and I'm working on a new pattern. I must have made four heads today until I found the best size and shape. Still so much to do!

Garden Things

I started Swiss chard...

...and radishes...
...and arugula...
...and wheat!
Here are some of last year's tomatoes. I kept them inside all winter and they flourished in the art room. There's nothing like fresh, homegrown tomatoes before the season even begins!
Some more of my tomatoes.

Other Things

Finally, here's the deer skull I've been cleaning. Cold water maceration will take longer than hot water, but the skull won't shrink this way.

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3 thoughts on “Things I’ve been Up To

  1. I planted this year’s tomatoes on Ostara and they’re already getting so big!! They’re indoors but, it’s really hard for me to grow things indoors (unless they’re in hanging baskets~)–I have 3 cats who love to get into plants! I’m glad you’re able to have plants inside though. I’ve always wanted to have plants indoors but, it’s just too difficult 😛 Good luck with the dolls, deer skull, and gardening!

    1. Thanks! I have two cats but I’m lucky enough to have an extra room that I can keep the cats out of. Although, I did have tomatoes in the kitchen once and the cats left them alone. I guess they smelled offensive to them, which is good because the leaves are poisonous! At the moment I have some kale and aloe in the kitchen and the cats don’t bother them either.

  2. I have the same problem with cats and indoor plants! I am trying to find some indoor tree/bushes with long trunks that will be harder for the cats to get and and non toxic in case they do.

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