I’ve been trying to keep track of my dreams for a few weeks.  I’ve never been very good about remembering a dream unless it’s truly bizarre or frightening.  I hardly remember the good dreams.  I started writing some down in my journal when I have time in the mornings.  I wanted to share a dream I had a couple days ago.

Most of my recent dreams are, I believe, my brain going over recent events and stresses.  I’m often stuck in airports, back in Ireland, at work, etc… I usually don’t attach much significance to those dreams. This dream a couple days ago was very different.

I can’t remember many details.  I know I was in a room full of plants.  There was an old woman with me.  My “dream logic” told me she was my grandmother, only, she wasn’t really.  My dream logic also told me that she was a wise woman or witch.  She was friendly and inviting.  She showed me how to make an ointment and did something with a stick.  I can’t exactly remember her lesson, which frustrates me, but I’m still thinking about this dream…

Was she an ancestor?  One of the ancient wise?  Nothing at all?

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5 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I’m not real good about remembering dreams either. I’ll recall bits and pieces upon waking but it’s pretty rare for me to recall a whole dream. It’s most likely because I don’t TRY to recall them, I don’t even usually think about them. I’m usually too busy and have to get going as soon as my feet hit the floor! But I would like to start recording them and paying attention to them more~ That sounds like quite an interesting dream you had. Another possibility is the woman could’ve been a goddess! They do sometimes come visit us in dreams. Cerridwen popped into my mind when reading this. Just thought I’d let you know~ 🙂

    1. Thanks for your thoughts! I didn’t get the impression that she was Cerridwen but it’s something to consider. 🙂

  2. What an interesting dream! Maybe the fact that you can’t remember the exact lesson, but do remember that it involved making an ointment and using a stick, means you should do some research on possible rituals that incorporate those things? You might be surpised at what you find!

    1. I do need to research it… Although I remember little, I can’t shake the impressions I was left with.

  3. I have been having some very strange dreams…Earth and water-based dreams I guess you could say…but strange. I tried looking them up but could not find anything remotely like what I dreamt. They were sort of unnerving…

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