Changing Behavior

Part of why I started the Nine Moons is because my focus needed more, well, focus.  I saw definite improvement last month.  I also discovered some habits that really needed changing, especially with my husband’s new work schedule.

I used to do my evening devotional before bed.  My husband now retires earlier than I do so my usual devotional (around 10 or 11 pm) just doesn’t cut it anymore now that we moved the altar into the bedroom to make room for his workbench in the art room.  It’s also difficult to really focus when he’s home.  Before he goes to bed, he likes to relax and play games.  Naturally, there is noise involved.  I don’t blame him – it’s how he unwinds after a long day.  I can’t expect him to change his behavior when, really, it’s my discipline that needed adjusting.  Why was I putting it off until so late anyway?  I’m always very tired then.

This week I changed my behavior and started doing devotionals right after work.  This simple change has helped me feel more connected on non-retreat days.  I feel more energized and able to focus and/or still my mind.  I’m meditating more often again.  It’s a very good thing!

I realize now that I was blaming my husband’s work schedule for my troubles.  It was really my poor scheduling – something entirely in my own power to control.

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4 thoughts on “Changing Behavior

    1. Heehee. Usually, Weretoad is very understanding. When I want to do my formal weekly ritual, he will stay silent and mute all of his sound. I don’t want to force him to do that all day during my retreat. It’s not fair to him so it makes more sense for me to find time to do my shorter work when he isn’t home. Perhaps you and Kevin could come to some agreement and find a quiet time for you?

  1. Haha at first I read that as mediCating more…not mediTating! and i got slightly concerned!! But I’m glad I was reading wrong…and glad you’ve found a devotional time that works even better for you! I need to do something like that as well~

  2. It’s always easier to just blame the men – haha! Actually I was going to do a post soon on my expectations in general, how I can get so frusterated when things don’t work, when in reality its usually something I can easily change or even just how I look at the situation in general. But I’m glad you found a solution that works for you in more ways than one!

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