Earth Hour 2011

Saturday was Earth Hour.  It was the third year Weretoad and I participated.  A lot of people complain about it being a pipe dream with little impact, especially this year.  Since we’re already environmentalists and go beyond the hour anyway, I feel that even one more little step can make a difference.  I think it would be fun to do it with other people in the future.  Maybe have a candlelit potluck dinner?  I would at least feel less isolated!

Anyway, my husband and I enjoyed it this year.  I meditated for a few minutes and then we played Scrabble with candles.

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6 thoughts on “Earth Hour 2011

  1. I wish Earth Hour would’ve been more widely advertised. I knew it existed but had no idea when it was taking place 😦 I participated last year though!

    1. I agree. Treehugger, for example, usually has a lot of entries when it comes up. There was only one leading up to it this year. Grist didn’t have anything. I befriended Earth Hour on Facebook which will help next year, I hope.

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