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When I originally started this blog (when it was on Blogger) it was partially dedicated to getting used to the North Country.  I’ve been up here for nearly two years and it’s been an adjustment moving away from  dear family and friends, favorite hangouts, and such.  I still miss home and am continually amazed at the wonderful changes going on down there.  The indie craft scene is flourishing, there’s a proposed Irish cultural center in the works, and there are so many great independent cafes.  There’s also a lot of culture – theater, a lovely museum, book clubs…  People in Utica really don’t realize how good they actually have it.  Sure it’s not some cosmopolitan paradise like Boston or London…  But who goes out that often anyway?  Most people I know have busy lives full of work, family commitments, and a need to be home bodies. I know if I moved to a major city, I would still spend most of my time at home in my pjs.

As I learn more and more about my new home, I find more to love.  Today my new friend C took me to a couple of great places!  First we went to The Apollo Restaurant and, my gosh, they have excellent Greek food!  What’s even better is that they have many veg*an options and they don’t put feta on everything!  Yay!  I had a garden pita sandwich, sweet potato fries, pita and hummus, and some exquisite baklava!

Next we went to The Paddock Club which is known for being a martini bar.  In honor of my socializing I tried a drink called “girls’ night out” and it was really great!  It was like drinking candy.  The bar is one of the most gorgeous I’ve ever seen.  It’s in a historic arcade so the building is naturally vintage.  They tastefully decorated with antiques so it’s got a very classy feel while also being fun and intimate.  It’s almost like a Victorian burlesque without the nudity and prostitution!

So I had a great time and I can’t wait to do it again.  I’m so happy to have found two new, wonderful places in my new home.  I’m also happy to have a new friend who is on a similar wave-length to me.  It’s a bit hard to make friends as an adult in a new town!

Tomorrow the socialization continues as I join my grovies for a Spring Equinox celebration!  Happy spring everyone!

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6 thoughts on “Fun Times

  1. Yay for the restaurant having veg*n options! Its always good when you find places like that~ That martini sounds really good, even to someone like me who very rarely drinks. 😛

  2. Hey M! It was so fun hanging with you as well….I was tired the next day at work but kept laughing to myself about that “girls night out” drink – liquid candy. I hope your trip was fun. Let’s hang again soon!
    – C

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