New Goodies!

OrderI was so excited to come home and open my box of goodies from the wonderful Mountain Rose Herbs!  I bought some blue vervain and mugwort to try and make Ian’s incense.  I still need a few more things for that but these two can’t easily be picked up at a supermarket.

I also bought a glass amber bottle for future herbal experiments, some red lentils for sprouting, and Surya incense.  I’m really excited about the latter because:

Surya is a fabulous company that adheres to traditional practices in the manufacturing of their line of completely natural botanical based incense. All incense sticks are hand rolled in the women’s village of Vrindaban, India where 10% of proceeds are redirected to assist displaced widows within their community. All scents are made of 100% natural ingredients free from synthetics, and chemical additives. Comes packaged in a beautiful silk screened, tree free cotton paper package.

How fabulous is that?  Much better than the cheap, chemical laden incense one can purchase at the mall.  I haven’t opened them yet but they already have a very strong scent.  Sustainability and social responsibility aside, the smell might be too much for some people.  My next step towards sustainable incense will be making my own!

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  1. I met this amazing woman Sue Ryn, who runs Hill Woman Herbs ( out on Wellesley Island…I’ve never been to her place, but have always wanted to check it out (she also has a wild animal sanctuary) – maybe we could make a fieldtrip out of it when it gets a little warmer?

    1. I met her at Pagan Pride Day in Liverpool,NY! She’s a great lady. I even called her for advice when my neighbors and I rescued a baby snapping turtle. I would *love* to visit her! Excellent idea! Maybe this could be a good double date excuse? My husband always feels weird meeting people at a restaurant. Doing things with others seems to facilitate his socializing!

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